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In addition to well-founded professional training, our colleagues also possess the required practical experience to enable them to develop theoretical solutions and “take them to the streets”. Their commitment is not solely restricted to customer orders but extra-professional activities are just as important. Thus several team members have been working as lecturers for many years at different universities and adult learning institutes in the Northern German region, as well as in London and Zurich.

In parallel with current projects, we very much like to discuss and evaluate new project ideas within our team. The internal exchange between team members[read more=”Read More” less=”Read less”] in combination with our knowledge from previous projects allows for both demand-driven (market developments) and supply-side (product and process optimizations) ideas to be developed. If a positive assessment concerning the chances of success for an idea is concluded, we then look within our business network for implementation options.

We work in individual offices that are close together where, as needed, doors are either open to encourage communication or are purposefully and occasionally closed for focused conceptual work. Irrespective of this, we rely on communication that is open with regards to content and friendly in tone. We view honest feedback – even if it appears unpleasant at first – as a gift because in each case it expands our knowledge and understanding of the recipient. [/read]

YOU would fit in well with us!

We welcome new colleagues at all times and see their role as one of enhancing our team, both professionally and personally. However, we are committed to not just seeing this as a one-way street but would like to offer each and every team member the equal opportunity of further developing themselves, both professionally and personally through our joint collaboration.

Well-founded professional knowledge is a matter of course for a service business such as ours. However, we don’t just[read more=”Read More” less=”Read less”]simply focus on the CV alone but instead look at the specialist qualities behind it. Theoretical skills should, ideally, already be successfully incorporated into your professional practice to ensure that you can use the experiences you have gathered to develop the foundation of your own consultancy expertise.

Alongside the professional foundation, we consider individual personality to be the most important criterion for ensuring effective collaborative work with prioeins. A good match for us is someone who enjoys thinking entrepreneurially, who assumes responsibility for themselves and for others, who passionately searches for solutions to problems, and who is not only capable of critiquing but is also open to constructive criticism. Of course we don’t expect everyone to have every one of these characteristics, however, we are merely providing a short but concise description of the type of person who would feel comfortable with us.

In addition to experienced specialist staff members in specific industries, we also very much welcome students and job starters to come and get to know us. As an alternative to permanent employment, we can also offer you the opportunity to get involved in an internship or part-time/project-related activities at prioeins.

To get in touch with us, please use our contact form or send us an email to We look forward to your message![/read]

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