What’s happened up to now…

In the following, we would like to provide you with a short overview of our actual daily work with the intention of presenting our activities in a tangible way. The selection of activities outlined – in alphabetic order – includes current as well as already completed projects. Upon request and, of course, subject to any applicable non-disclosure obligations, we would be happy to provide you with more details.

  • Call center (selection, connection and optimization)

    Client: large mobile telephone service provider in the German discount/no-frills sector.

    Goal: analysis potential of the existing area of customer service with subsequent selection and connection of an external call center for inbound and outbound activities.

    Activities: following a comprehensive analysis of the situation and requirements of the company, including all relevant departments, we created a requirements profile for the future establishment of a company customer service department. On this basis, we gathered numerous offers from national and foreign call center service providers and compared them. After the successful selection of the optimal solution, we then went on to provide support during the implementation phase in the company. We later incorporated further innovative call center service providers and, since then, have supported customer service at regular intervals with process optimizations and control methods. Customer service was able to repeatedly stand up to various comparisons with competitors carried out by independent institutions, and were even chosen as the best in the industry several times.

  • Controlling (budget, reporting, liquidity management)

    Client: innovative company from the digital music industry.

    Goal: structuring the financial accounting and carrying out project controlling.

    Activities: In the post-founding phase, we revised the required processes and structures of the customer’s financial accounting on their behalf, in order for them to transfer these over to external tax consultants as a workflow. In the years of intensive company growth, we took over, amongst other things, operational controlling activities such as the creation and operation of a liquidity analysis as well as extensive license reporting. Moreover, we were also able to provide support by the creation of business plans as well as by acting in an accompanying role during investor discussions. The customer has now accomplished its long-term goal of creating a company-internal controlling department so that we now only offer sporadic support to them.

  • Customer care (concept)

    Client: mobile telephone service provider in the German discount/no-frills sector.

    Goal: creating a concept for future customer care.

    Activities: within the scope of preparing its market launch, our customer requested that we develop a concept for the design of their newly established customer care area. In the process, special care was to be taken to establish an extremely high level of service quality while simultaneously keeping the cost burden low. In the light of the high online and social media affinity of the planned business model, the key points in the concept focused on the aspects of an online portal, an online shop and customer self-care. Following a successful market launch, the company today has become a solid player in the market sector.

  • Customer care (strategy)

    Client: market leader in digital publishing for authors and publishing houses.

    Goal: Creating a customer care strategy including the corresponding package of measures.

    Activities: driven by the rapid growth experienced by the company, the task in this case was to strategically redesign the immediate value-creating function of the customer care department. With the set goal of creating a customer care department competent in the area of products and sales, the corresponding package of measures was developed in collaboration with the customer's team for a very promising restructuring process. In the meantime, the company is performing very successfully at an international level with its range of products related to the subject of „ebooks” (electronic books).

  • Business concept (evaluation and third-party payment solution)

    Client: international retail trader for living design.

    Goal: developing a concept for the online mail-order business.

    Activities: in collaboration with our customer, we created a business strategy for the realization of the sale of their products through online sales channels. Alongside outlining the design project for the development of software for their own online shop, we also composed a third-party payment solution in compliance with the applicable payment services supervision laws (ZAG: „Gesetz über die Beaufsichtigung von Zahlungsdiensten“) for the business strategy. Upon completion of our business plan outlining the expected economic potential of the online business model, work on the programming of the online shop began.

  • Business process optimization (performance/account data)

    Client: service provider for shipping navigation data.

    Goal: developing a concept for comparing performance data with financial account data, as well as subsequent sales analysis.

    Activities: our customer initiated an optimization of business processes on the occasion of a planned, and now concluded, sale of the company. For this, we designed and implemented a systematic comparison of the services rendered with the actual accounts receivables. The corresponding results led to significant optimization measures taking place in our customer’s financial area. In addition to an increase in sales, it was also possible to make improvements to planning procedures, as well as gain new insights into the user behavior of the end customer.

  • Interim area management (finance)

    Client: medium-sized German services company from the e-recruiting industry.

    Goal: interim occupancy of the vacant position of financial management as well as the optimization of the financial processes.

    Activities: after taking stock of all the relevant and urgent financial issues, a systematic review was carried out. Subsequently, both reactivations and optimizations and the introduction of new activities and processes were carried out jointly with the financial team. The majority of our work during our four-month interim post was involved in tasks associated with compiling and checking the annual financial statement, tax auditing and management reporting, budgeting as well as liquidity management. After we carried out a short phase of familiarization for the appointed finance manager, all these areas were transferred for the continuation of normal operations.

  • Interim business management (finance and personnel)

    Client: international traditional company from the process engineering industry for heat exchange systems.

    Goal: expansion of the technical management to also cover commercial expertise.

    Activities: we have already been responsible for the area of commercial management on behalf of our customer for many years. Included in our diverse sphere of activities alongside financial tasks such as control of accounting, managing the controlling and implementation of investment and financial accounts, we are also responsible for the area of HR. Not least as the consequence of successful projects aimed at increasing efficiency, our client has experienced prosperous development over many years now.

  • International project management (ERP software)

    Client: globally active corporation in the publishing industry.

    Goal: worldwide rollout of an ERP software in the international subsidiaries.

    Activities: within the scope of this international project, we were commissioned to provide support in the area of project control to the German IT company responsible for the implementation process. After successful assessment of the situation, we defined the list of required measures primarily of the subsidiary undertakings in Germany, Japan and the UK. In the meantime, the project is already in the implementation phase for the first subsidiaries.

  • Commission accounting system (concept design and implementation)

    Client: nationwide German mobile telephone chain of stores.

    Goal: creation of an automated and audit-proof system for accounting sales commissions.

    Activities: to prepare for the planned integration of the entire chain of stores into a larger mobile-telephone group, the existing accounting of commissions was subject to a fundamental and extensive analysis. After carrying out a requirement analysis, the process, which up until then had been primarily carried out manually, was then transferred to a requirement catalogue for a subsequent search for a suitable software solution. Both the selection of the provider for the software solution and its subsequent implementation were able to be successfully carried out jointly with our customer in order to achieve broad process automation.

  • Start-up (financial accounting, controlling, business plan)

    Client: start-up from the ebook industry.

    Goal: restructuring of internal financial accounting processes and carrying out financial controlling.

    Activities: after our customer’s success in raising seed financing and the subsequent product development and market launch, we then took over the task of restructuring the preparatory financial accounting processes for the external tax consultant as well as the already existing license reporting. Based on this, we carried out an analysis and reorientation of the original business model. In spite of the difficult market environment, a search is currently underway to explore the option of strategic partnerships for this future-orientated business model.

  • Start-up (financial accounting)

    Client: German/US American app developer.

    Goal: stocktaking analysis and optimization proposals for restructuring the area of financial accounting.

    Activities: in an effort to increase efficiency, our customers requested that we throw light onto their financial accounting processes and prepare proposals for optimization. The focus of the analysis was, on the one hand, on the workflow of the accounts payable accounting system and, on the other, on the complexity of the accounts receivable accounting system that international online sales were expected to produce. In addition to creating a catalogue of measures, we also recommended the integration of an accounting office specializing in international tax law, which was subsequently carried out.

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