Temporal business angels

Our enjoyment of business activities with all their associated issues and challenges never ceases to fascinate us within the company, and prompts us to discuss ever-new possible fields of activity. Our approach is firmly based on the continuously reoccurring insight that, although we have the ability to develop worthwhile concepts, we don’t necessarily have the required resources to hand – and that is including the companies’ competent founding teams:

We offer our skills and experience to already existing founding teams and help them to implement their ideas successfully. Our experience [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] has shown us that creative and highly motivated entrepreneurs can very often come up with excellent ideas and concepts, but they often lack the necessary experience or simply the interest in tasks that are seemingly not very interesting. Precise but handcrafted topics such as finance and process management are essential for a successful company regardless of sector and should correspondingly be highly valued in the company as soon as possible.

Therefore, we support start-ups in the following areas in particular:

• Business Planning and Company Valuation
• Liquidity Management
• Procurement of Financing
• Corporate Governance / Management
• Accounting and Controlling
• Process Optimization (BPO / BPR)[/read]

No risk – no fun.

As start-ups typically only possess comparatively thin capital backing, they often shy away from investing in the above-mentioned tasks, as these are ones that do not immediately contribute to the required company growth. For this reason, we offer start-ups a range of remuneration options[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]whereby we, similar to the founders, take on a business risk and, at the same time, we want to increase the trust of the founders in us and our performance:

• Reduced daily rate
• Deferment of payment
• Target-based and success-based remuneration
• Performance remuneration in the form of participation (work for equity)[/read]

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