Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We combine the new with the old – and vice versa.

Our work focuses on two areas. On the one hand, we deal with all facets of business management issues affecting established companies in our traditional consultancy business. In many cases,[read more=”Read More” less=”Read less”]this involves analyzing and modifying suboptimal processes and structures.

On the other hand, we put our experience at the disposal of start-up companies from their pre-formation phase through to the supplementary financing rounds or exit scenarios that follow, as appropriate. With a broad base of advice and, if necessary, the ability to take on roles that are not part of the core competence of the start-up on a temporary basis, we particularly provide support during the critical early phases of the company life cycle. [/read]

We liken it to sport.

The driving force behind our corporate consultancy work is our enjoyment of ever-changing business challenges. On the basis of sound theoretical knowledge and a wealth of experience from business practice, we develop individual solutions for our clients. For us, every project that we complete successfully is just as motivating as a great sporting victory.

We are just a part of the solution.

As an owner-managed consultancy company with its roots in the far north, we focus on our work with great passion but still with a cool head. We place particular emphasis on working with our clients in partnership, as we cannot usually develop an optimal solution[read more=”Read More” less=”Read less”] nor move on to put it into operation successfully by going it alone. It is our firm conviction that only the interaction between consultancy experience and company-specific knowledge will lead to the success we are looking for.


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